World Cup Betting 2022 | Kylian Mbappe is the favorite to win the Golden boot

OKBET World Cup Golden Boot Kylian Mbappe

World Cup Betting 2022

There is considerably more to World Cup Betting 2022 than just placing bets on match winners or, as I like to do, the Draw. The prop bet markets in World Cup betting 2022 are limitless, much as with sports that American gamblers are more familiar to.

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Golden Boot odds and Golden Ball odds are two well-liked markets. The player who scores the most goals throughout the competition receives the Golden Boot, while the Golden Ball is awarded to the tournament MVP.

OKBET World Cup Betting 2022

The France star Kylian Mbappé is now the favorite to win both of the prized trophies this year, so it could just be one player who takes home both accolades for World Cup Betting 2022.

Can the rising star do what Italy’s Salvatore Schillaci failed to do at the World Cup in 1990? Jump right into the odds.

Kylian’s Cred

In this year’s World Cup, Mbappé is ripping it up. He has five goals in five games—three in the group stage and two in the knockout round. He scored twice as France defeated Poland 3-1 to begin the elimination round.

OKBET World Cup Betting 2022

Additionally, Mbappé has contributed to two more goals, and the combination of his goals and assists show why the Frenchman may just take home both prizes.

The Golden Boot is receiving the most of the focus, but World Cup Betting 2022 provides wagers on both markets.

For the Golden Boot winner, Mbappé is by far our greatest liability, according to World Cup Betting 2022 sports trader Tieme Wesselink. “He started at about +300. After scoring in the first game, he somewhat (+250) shortened up. He became the obvious favorite (-175) after his brace (two goals) in the second group encounter.”

In fact, Mbappé scored both goals for France in a 2-1 win against Denmark, breaking a 1-1 deadlock with his strike in the 86th minute.

Mbappé continues to have the best odds to win the Golden Boot (now -200 at FOX Bet), although Lionel Messi of Argentina is quite close in the Golden Boot ticket count, with Mbappé at 15% and Messi at 14%. But the money behind those wagers is another story; on that prop, the French star won a staggering 58% of the money wagered.

Messi, in contrast, receives roughly 4.5% of the money.

Two-Man Pursuit

It’s been a two-man race for tickets and cash at World Cup Betting 2022, which only gave the Golden Boot to the World Cup goal scorer with the most goals. The most bets and dollars have been placed on Mbappé, who started at +700 (7-1) and is now the overwhelming -190 favorite. Lionel Messi of Argentina is second in both categories.

Messi has scored four goals and provided two assists thus far. Messi scored Argentina’s first goal in a 2-1 triumph against Australia in the round of 16. Then, in the Quarterfinals match against the Netherlands, he went on to assist on the first goal and score the second on a penalty. In terms of Golden Boot odds, Messi is presently the second favorite at +270.

OKBET World Cup Betting 2022

“Our Golden Boot liability/handle isn’t something outlandish. Messi is now the sole loss in the book “Mbappé is a marginal winner for the book, according to Seamus Magee, a sports trader at BetMGM. “Olivier Giroud, who has four goals and a plus-500 rating right now, is another significant winner for us.”

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