FIFA World Cup Betting Guide & Odds | A Primer for the Tournament and Beyond 2022


FIFA World Cup Betting Guide

Even though the 2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Guide will be held at a different time than in previous tournaments, the anticipation is still high, particularly in Canada, which has qualified for the event for the first time since 1986.

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The World Cup is usually the highlight of the summer, but it couldn’t be held in Qatar because the heat would have made it dangerous for the players.

There will be no shortage of talent in this year’s event, but as we have seen in the past, not even the most dominant countries can always live up to their lofty reputations. While Europe has won the past four FIFA World Cup Betting Guide tournaments, a handful of South American teams will be hoping to reverse that this year.

To help you make informed bets using the odds provided by Sports Interaction, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to betting on the FIFA World Cup Betting Guide.

Winner of the World Cup Favorites in the Odds

Predictably, Brazil (+271) is the betting favorite. The club hasn’t won the event since 2002, but they’ve been on a tear in qualifying, so they’re favorites to win it all. Our very own Peter Galindo predicted in his assessment of Group G that this is a strong squad with postseason potential.

OKBET FIFA World Cup Betting Guide

Despite having Lionel Messi at the helm, Argentina is hardly a prohibitive favorite, so betting on them at +329 is a bit of a longshot.

OKBET FIFA World Cup Betting Guide

Injuries to N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba cast significant doubt on France’s chances at +419, and they may have a long way to go. There is little reason for optimism for the French, as Tristan D’Amours pointed out in his assessment of Group D. The French have a poor track record of successfully defending their championships.

OKBET FIFA World Cup Betting Guide

Can England use the heartbreak of losing the Euro 2020 final as fuel for a deep tournament run? (+480) Even though they are captained by Harry Kane and have a great roster, their recent play has raised major issues, and there is not enough value to take a chance on them at this time.

OKBET FIFA World Cup Betting Guide

There’s no denying Spain’s +482 pedigree, but the road to the final will be difficult for this youthful side. Group E also includes Germany, Japan, and Costa Rica, so first they must escape that. The chances are stacked against them, as they will then have to defeat Brazil and Argentina to go to the final.

Hansi Flick, the coach of Germany +658, will try to prove that he has a more well-rounded team that is ready to return to international success behind the efforts of Jamal Musiala, 19, as the team’s undisputed leader. Germany has a similarly challenging path to the finals as Spain, and the team’s recent international play makes it difficult to see them advancing far.

OKBET FIFA World Cup Betting Guide

Netherlands +723. If they play to their potential, this Dutch team has the ability to challenge and might be a hidden choice to do some damage. The big issue is whether or not their star players will step up and be the difference.

Portugal +957: Uruguay will be a formidable opponent for Portugal in Group H, and the Portuguese will need to finish first to avoid Brazil in the round of 16. If Cristiano Ronaldo wants to lead his team to tournament success, he must rediscover his previous level of dominance.

Betting on Belgium (+1075) is rather light at the FIFA World Cup Betting Guide, despite the fact that the team is placed second. Is this really the year where all of the team’s skill shines through, particularly if Romelu Lukaku recovers from his hamstring injury? Here’s your greatest chance to back a title contender with a little bet and walk away with a hefty profit.