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Overtime Fantasy Football provides free fantasy football draft advice and resources that can help you win championships. We offer updated draft player rankings, sleepers and busts for the upcoming season. The sleeper picks will help you identify which players to pick up in the late rounds of your draft. The players listed as a bust should be avoided and are usually overvalued. We also provide a strength of schedule for each position, which will show you what players have an easy or difficult upcoming season schedule. Overtime Fantasy Football will help you stay updated through the offseason and prepare you for your draft. Game over for your competition.
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2013 Fantasy Football Draft Rankings 6-27-13
2013 fantasy football draft rankings are based on player's past performances, injury history, coaching staff, game plans, strength of schedule, teammates, free agency, and news.

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2013 6 -27 -13
NFL fantasy football sleepers will help you identify which players to draft to win a fantasy football championship in 2013. The sleepers listed will either breakout or bounce back from last season and outperform their fantasy football draft position. Sleepers are undervalued players and are typically drafted in the mid to late rounds.

Fantasy Football Sleeper Expert Picks 6 -27 -13
A list of links related to 2013 fantasy football sleepers from the top fantasy football experts and sources.

Fantasy Football Busts 2013 5-2-13
Fantasy football busts are players who are overvalued and will underperform from the previous season in 2013.

Fantasy Football Strength of Schedule 2013 5-2-13
The 2013 fantasy football strength of schedule (SOS) will show you what players have an easy or difficult schedule for the upcoming season. By looking at the strength of schedule ranking, you can determine if a player could have had a good performance due to an easy schedule or bad performance due to a difficult schedule. Most elite players in fantasy football will have a good season no matter how difficult the strength of schedule is for them each year. When drafting your starters try to draft backup players with easy match ups when your starters are on a bye week.
2013 NFL Weekly Schedule
2013 NFL Weekly Schedule